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Global Sport Agency (GSA) is in fact a subsidiary and a member of GL-Trust Sweden, which was founded during 1992 in Sweden. The former name of this ideal company was "SB Production" that mostly where focused on IT & Telecommunication and technical Media solutions including "music & art events" with a merge of East and West culture activities, where the beutifule and wellknown Bollywood activities has been in main focus.

How it became more involved in sport:

As a former Ericsson Radio Access manager (the giant Swedish telecom company), the main key-person and the founder of GL-Trust was also active in football business for past 20 years in Europe and this time with such a sucessful career as a soccer referee within different Swedish Football Associations. Meanwhile, it was decided to develop the thoughts and directions to give it more serious attention with worlwide vision.


The CEO/founder of  GSA,  Mr. Babak Hashemi Moghadam has a academical Bachelor Of Scienses from "Chalmers Technical University" as well as "The Royal Institute of Technology-KTH" in Sweden. He is also vey much talented in International marketing and business relations thanks to an excellent multi language knowledge including a strong international project management & marketing skill. That's where his collaboration and contact network with big named football clubs and associations within Europe was created and got more attention and expansion in time. This also opened a new world of opportunities, connections and networks within European football federations which leaded to more successful, frequented and active research and scouting of talented players (professionals) and coaches. 


Due to the expantion of the consulting services, it was decided to Reorganize the company and rename it to “Global Sport Agency” as consultant provider within Sport, Arts & Event services.

Today we are proudly one of Europe's most powerful football package planner, which contains all program about negotiations, Medical & Sport rehabilitations, Academical Courses, Establishment & planning of Academical Football Schools, Training Camps Arrangements, Talent Researching and of course transfer of international players and head coaches with high skills and we still get among of expansion & collaboration offers.


However, this is Global Sport Agency trades and our work surface is unlimited worldwide.

We are proud to have such competent and talented resources that really can their job in a professional way mixed with most up-to-dated knowledge. 


Where the high skills are the requirements, you will find us.  


Sincerely yours,  

Global Sport Agency Group

Sweden - Stockholm


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