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International Academical Football Development

Camps & Academy & Futsal

  • Training camps (incl. friendlies) arrangements & preparation in following countries:

           Europe (Spain, England, Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway,

                         Denmark, Russia, Turkey, Holland)

           South & North America  (Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Canada)

           Asia (Iran, South Korea, UAE, Qatar, India, Singapor)


  • Football development & referee courses with UEFA - standards
  • Establishment, development and planning of "football academies/schools" at your area 
  • Public relationships, development and courses of clubs/associations.
  • Professional talent exchanges/transfer within national/international soccer.
  • Contract Negotiation.
  • Handling of Media.
  • Disciplinary Issues.
  • Client Profile Enhancement.
  • Multi language resources.
  • High competent international head coaches of soccer.
  • Talented youth and adult players.
  • Training camps arrangements including "Referee & friendly matches"

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  • Academical Courses and development for your association/club/Football Academies


  • Soccer Coaching Trainings
  • Managing of Soccer Program
  • Developing of Coaching Philosophy
  • Methods of Soccer Training
  • Teaching Soccer Technique
  • Teaching Soccer Strategy and Tactics
  • Sportsmanship and the Laws of the Game
  • Managing Soccer Injuries and Athlete Health
  • Eating for Health and Performance



 Robert F. Dragan


Education and background

Master Degree of Science at The Swedish School of Sport and Helth Sciences (GIH)


  • Robert has strong analytical and planning skills linked to project management capabilities and problem-solving orientation. He is flexible and easily adapt to new environments. 
  • Fast learner with good problem solving capabilities

  • Analytical, good attention to detail

  • Reliable, customer oriented

  • Strong communication skills

  • Team development & leadership experience

  • Broad expertise in Project Management

  • Multilingual: Romanian & Swedish, fluent in English, good knowledge of German & Spanish


Internationally Experiences:


As a Coordinator at UEFA Women´s EURO 2013, Robert has been one of the main key due to this important tournment. He has also been Referees officer at 5 games and the final game.




Swedish FA experiencec:

In position of referees officer: contracted to prepare cases and enforce jury committee decision, be in business planning, and advisory sentencing issues and fotboll regulations. In addition, has entered into other administrative tasks such as maintaining information systems FOGIS football, updating the Referees Committee's Rules and UEFA Convention. Liaison to UEFA regarding referees and referees observers at international matches. Venue and hospitality manager to national Swedish team games.

  • Experience as federal soccer referee at Swedish FA
  • Experience as referees instructor at Swedish FA




Specialistarea Swedish FA, UEFA

Coaching, Sport Management, Event Management, Team Leadership, Sport Marketing, Sport Coordination, Event Organisation, Venue Management, Project Management, Logistics, Supply Chain.


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 H. Mahdavi Nia

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We offer you a concept of establishing and/or developing your football/fustal academy in high level and professional way. Mr. Mahdavi Nia, former National Futsal player of Iran is one of our most experienced and high skilled level2 AFC Coach within futsal, who has a long life experience and skills from Gand Prix in Brazil and worlds cups to Head coach/assist Coach of Iranian Domestic Premier League to Asian teams such as FC Vamos of Indonesia. As you might know , Iranian national team of futsal belongs to top 5 to 8 teams in the world and always been in high competetion with big names such as Spain, Brazil, Italy. 




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