Global Sport Agency (GSA)

International Academical Football Development

Efforts & tournments

Previous projects:



  • Presentation of well known & Populair UEFA - Pro coaches to different clubs and nation teams worldwide.
  • Football Campaings arrangements within Europe (Spain)
  • Arrangement of friendly matches (within or out of campaing scope)
  • Research and selection of women's national head coaches within Europe and Asia
  • Research of talented women's players to Asia and Middle east
  • Participation within Swedish football and more than 20 years of experiences as soccer referee in the country
  • Participation in Gothia International Soccer Cup in Guthenberg (Sweden) - referee
  • Participation in St:Eriks Soccer Cup in Stockholm (Sweden) for mroe than 15 years - referee

  • Scouting of both youth talent player and already proffessionals

  • International "Pro" head coach research and marketing

  • Creation of football academies and network within South & North -American, Asian, Afrcian and European (soccer collaborations and relationships)



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