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Sinuê Bueno Zardo

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  • Graduate in Sports Science of Soccer and Futsal, Brazil, 2008.
  • Major in Physical Education, Brazil, 2004.


  • NSCAA, level 6, Intermediate, Orlando, Fl, Usa, 2014
  • 1st  Physical Fitness International Congress, Brazil, 2005
  • III Soccer Lectures Cycle, Brazil, 2004
  • 1st Exercise and Science Journey, Brazil, 2004.
  • 1st Soccer Symposium, Brazil, 2004.
  • 12th International Soccer Coach Course, Brazil, 2003.
  • 9th Fitness and Physical activity GF Convention, Brazil, 2002
  • 5th Professional Soccer Coach Course, Brazil, 2000.
  • Soccer Monitor Course, Brazil, 2000.


  • Champion of Copa do Brasil/1989
  • Champion of 2nd Division in Portugal ( A.D Esposende) 1995 and
  • Guatemala (Antigua G.F.C) 1998
  • Lecturer of the 1st Physical Fitness in Soccer Meeting
  • Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegresense – 3 hours – RS / Brazil, 2004.
  • Monitor in the practice of  Physical fitness and health-related fitness as indicators in children and youngsters
  • Vale do Rio dos Sinos University – 480 hours – RS / Brazil, 2003.


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Trainer career:

2014/15 – Guest Celebrity of Brazilian Soccer Training Company, Aventura City, USA

2012/13 – Physical Coach and Assistant of Ternana Calcio U13, Terni, Italy.

2011/12 – Physical Coach of E.C São José Professional team – Poa/RS, Brazil.

2011 −  Physical Coach and Assistant of E.C. São José’s U-17, Poa/RS, Brazil.

2010 - Soccer Coach of Ulsan Hyundai FC U-14 – Ulsan – South Korea.

2010 - Physical Coach and Assistant of Gremio’s U-14 team (F.B.P.A) Brazil.

2009 - Physical Coach and Assistant of São José’s U-17, Poa/RS / Brazil.

2007 - Physical Coach of Luverdense F.C. Professional team, MT / Brazil.

2007 - Physical Coach of Mogi Mirim E.C. Professional team, SP / Brazil.

2006 - Physical Coach Assistant of ULBRA Professional team, Luterana do Brasil University, Canoas / Brazil.

2005 - Physical Coach of ULBRA’s U-20 team, Luterana do Brasil University, Canoas / Brazil.

2005 - Physical Coach of Grêmio’s U- 14 team (F.B.P.A) Poa/RS, Brazil.

2004 - Physical Coach of Grêmio’s U-12 team (F.B.P.A) Poa/RS, Brazil.

2004 - Coach of  Grêmio’s U-11 team (F.B.P.A.) Federation.

2003 - Soccer Coach in Grêmio’s project (F.B.P.A):“Projeto Aspirante”. Searching for talents and training them for the club.

1999-2002 - Soccer Coach in Gremio’s, U- 6 to U-14 year players.Poa/Brazil. 1989-1999 - Professional Soccer Athlete in Brazilian and foreign clubs.



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